My 10-year old son is definitely ready for his own laptop, but I have no idea what to get him! Can you help with a child-friendly option? -Amy

Funny you should ask, Amy. I just decided to get a laptop for my 9-year old, which was a lot easier than I expected. Here are a couple of suggestions that I hope will help you out. –Kristen

Now my first instinct was to buy a new laptop, like the ASUS X501U that we recently featured. At under $350 the price was definitely right, and so I figured that would be a good option. If you’re in the market for a new computer, I’d recommend taking a look at it.

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Another option, which is what I ended up with, is to get a used, refurbished laptop, which you can find at online stores like or J+R. In fact right now, J+R has a wide selection of refurbished HP laptops and notebooks starting at $276.

You can also check out the options at your small, local computer repair shops. Like Dtown Tech near me, The Little Laptop Shop in New York, or Tekserve if you’re looking for anything Apple at all.

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I decided to stop in to Dtown Tech to see what they’d recommend and ended up purchasing a completely refurbished ACER (above) that included a 6-month warranty and Microsoft Office already installed. The whole package cost me much less than anything comparable that was new.

To get it child-ready, I’ll be adding Net Nanny, as well as a couple of safe search engines for kids. And of course, Minecraft, per my daughter’s request, which they were nice enough to load up for me while I was waiting.

Something to keep in mind: If you’re a Mac lover (like me), they can be very expensive to repair and replace. So particularly for younger kids, a PC can be a good, cost-effective way for them to get started before they upgrade to a shinier, more expensive model of their own. The parts for PCs are cheap and easy to find, which is an important point if your kids are hard on their gadgets.

Got more tech questions like this? Drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do!

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