Years ago, I used to be able to keep my entire schedule in my head–no calendar necessary. Three kids later, a calendar is a must-have for keeping track of family activities and appointments.

But what about stuff that you want to remember, but it feels silly to put it on a calendar? Like a can’t-miss hometeam MLB game? Or the upcoming Real Housewives premiere, for example..

UpTo calendar app | Cool Mom Tech

That’s where the free calendar app UpTo comes in super handy. Download it for free, sync it with your calendar, and select the public event streams you want to track: TV premieres, movie releases, sporting events, the daily White House schedule, or bizarre holidays, just to name a few.

You’ll see events from those streams right alongside your scheduled meetings and appointments. If there are any events that you don’t want to see–say, you love The Voice, not The X Factor–just swipe left and they disappear from your options.

There are a lot of cool streams to choose from already, but I’m hoping they’ll keep adding more–like museum exhibitions, cool causes, local running races and triathlons, and big sales at fabulous shops. It could definitely have use beyond must-see-TV. 

In the meantime, UpTo has me excited about the upcoming Leonids meteor shower in November. Oh, and I won’t miss the premiere of The Voice either. Priorities. Julie

The free UpTo calendar app is available for iOS or Android 

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