Since my upgrade to iOS7, I’ve had no shortage of battery life issues with my iPhone 5. While I wait until I’m eligible for the iPhone 5S, I’m stocking up on battery charging cases, like this hilarious one from Kate Spade.

I have to say that I giggle every time I see her Power Trip battery charging case, which is perfect for anyone with an iPhone 5 and, well, a controlling personality. I can’t vouch for whether it works as well as the new Mophie charging cases which are way improved for the 5 and 5S, by the way.

And hey, you don’t necessarily need to have battery life issues to use a charging case. They’re perfect for ensuring you don’t run out of juice at those key times, especially when you’re using your camera or battery-sucking apps a whole lot: ballet recitals, soccer games, or those moments catching up on Real Housewives clips in the pick-up line. Plus, the case is a pretty hilarious conversation starter over the usual “Wow, why do you have that gigantic case on your phone?” -Kristen

You can purchase the Kate Spade Power Trip iPhone 5 battery case at Cool Mom Picks is an rstyle affiliate.