I need a calendar app that is going to make it easy to schedule multiple kids in different sports, clubs, dance classes, and music lessons, not to mention my work commitments. Oh yeah, and I’d like to have some time left over for fun. Or at least to just sack out on the couch. So I’m excited that the Cal Calendar app, a new calendar from the makers of Any.do, is making it simple to get my life together in one place.

What’s special about Cal is that it integrates your social media and GPS info into your calendar. In other words, when you schedule a meeting, it will suggest people you might want to invite and even throw out some nearby locations where you could meet.  If you use their sister app Any.do, it can remind you of your to-do list items using location services; like suggesting you pick up the dry cleaning as you drive past the cleaners.

This, I need.

Cal will also remind you when you need to leave to get somewhere on time, and it can seamlessly connect you to Uber if you need a cab, or to Google Maps for directions. So yeah. Lots of useful integration and I imagine the partnerships will just grow from there.

Cal app Über link | Cool Mom Tech

I love that Cal is big on making your planning experience fun, so there are lots of animations and customizable photo backgrounds. This is a big hook for them of course–though personally, I could live without so much extra visual stuff going on in my calendar. As for you Android users, you get a few extra perks in this newest update to Cal for Android including a realtime sync with Google calendar, and the ability to resize their widget, so you can feature it alongside the other apps on your home screen.

I love that Cal will point out when I have big blocks of free time in my schedule, so I can try to be intentional about using that time. Even if I’m just setting it aside to read some Flipboard. Sometimes, that’s just what I need, you know? And Cal, it doesn’t judge.

Download the Cal Calendar App which is free for iPhone iPad, and Android.

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