Don’t you love when you discover a really cool video online that’s not made with kids in mind at all, but you know your kids will love it anyway? You share it with them, and they get that look in their eyes (even if it’s just for a moment) that says, Wow, mom’s awesome. Well, we’ve found the mother lode of cool videos for kids at the website, The Kid Should See This, and we’re having so much fun watching them.

The videos on this site are curated by mom Rion Nakaya, who loves STEM storytelling and wants to collect videos that inspire kids to wonder and have that “wow!” moment. But she wants grown-ups to be interested too–and we are. Her belief is that we often underestimate kids by adding goofy noises or overly simplifying the explanations of concepts, so the videos she collects don’t dumb down. They’ll be conversation starters that will get your kids excited and curious, which is what any mom would hope for.

Wondering where to start?  Check out the time-lapse behind-the-scenes video of how a 20-foot dinosaur was made from balloons, an amazingly complicated Rube Goldberg-esque domino video (including falling pieces of toast), Ella Fitzgerald scatting, and an explanation of the periodic table by one of our own STEM video favorites, They Might Be Giants. (Who of course make videos specifically for kids, but we forgive them.)

Also? Eyebombing. Hilarious.

Eyebombing video at The Kid Should See This | Cool Mom Tech

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