Last night I was thrilled to join founder Anna Fader in celebrating the anniversary of Mommy Poppins, her terrific regional website network for parents looking for the best stuff to do with their kids. They’ve now been saving families (like mine) every weekend for the last seven years, and even launched the terrific Mommy Poppins app in 2013, which we named one of our best apps for parents of the year.

At the time, it was only available for iOS users. And while tons of moms do have iPhones and iPod Touches and iPads in their possession, it’s pretty great that now there’s a Mommy Poppins app for Android.

It just launched last night so there may be some minor tweaks in store. But still,  if you’re an Android user, and you live around the New York area–or plan on visiting any time soon–it’s a fantastic resource to find the very best family-friendly activities, restaurants, museums, play spaces, concerts  and more.  It’s like having a magazine in your pocket, complete with contact info, opening and closing hours, and convenient maps to get you there.  Plus, it’s totally free.

Hardly a Saturday morning goes by that I don’t check it myself.

Download the new Mommy Poppins app free for Android at Google Play, or visit iTunes for the Mommy Poppins app for iOS. For activities around LA, Boston, and the New York tri-state area, visit the Mommy Poppins website