You might think that my dark circles are due to my kids, or work, or simply insomnia, but they’re not. I’ve only got Threes! to blame. The cool new Threes! app for iOS has got me absolutely obsessed.

Slide numbered tiles around a board, and combine tiles to form larger numbers;  either 1+2=3, or two tiles of the same value to double them (3+3=6, 6+6=12, and so forth). It may sound complicated, but it’s not. Which is why I can’t put it down.

Every time you make a move, another new tile appears on the board. So here’s a tip: it’s best to make combination moves that help eliminate multiple tiles. This gets really important as you accumulate tiles with higher values, like 96 and 192 and 368, because you’ll have to combine a bunch of other tiles to get a second 96 (or 192 or 368) to combine with the first one. All while more tiles keep appearing every time you make a move.


Threes! app | Cool Mom Tech

Why yes, that’s my high score so far. Not bad, huh?

Reading this back, it really does sound complicated, doesn’t it? Again, I promise it’s not. But it is ridiculously compelling, so don’t download it and start playing right before bedtime unless you’ve got nowhere to be until noon the next day. I speak from experience.

Get the Threes! app for $1.99 at the App Store; iOS 6 or later