I really can’t believe how much I’m into the floral trend this season, which would logically include cool floral iPhone cases as a natural extension to my already blooming accessories collection. (And my love for puns.) As if I needed another excuse to stop at Target today, Belkin has just launched their new iPhone 5/5S cases from designer Tracy Reese and I’m in love.

And as much as I tend to walk around with my phone in hand, it makes sense that if I’m dressing up my wrists and fingers, my iPhone could stand to get a little snazzing up for spring too.

Tracy Reese for Belkin floral iPhone cases | Cool Mom Tech

Black and white floral iPhone case by Tracy Reese for Belkin | Cool Mom Tech

I’m a big fan of Belkin iPhone cases in general (and honestly, all their cool tech gadgets), so I’m already a bit biased. But I’m really digging the bold, statement-making florals. Even even the black and white which is like killing two trends with one stone. Or case. Perhaps they’re even a modern way to give your mom Flowers for mother’s Day that are bound to last. At least until iPhone comes out with a 6.

You can purchase the new Tracy Reese iPhone cases for Belkin at Target, Belkin.com, and TracyReese.com.

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