The new Monument Valley app may be the  most gorgeous, mindblowingly cool app I’ve seen in a while. And that’s saying something. It’s a puzzle game that’s like Figaro Pho meets MC Escher. Your job is to get the silent little princess Ida around, by rotating or manipulating pieces of a grid that suddenly create new perspectives. So what looks like a staircase with no way up, suddenly becomes a perfectly flat path to walk across.

It’s all optical illusions and impossible constructions that turn possible. You know, like Escher.

Monument Valley app: How it works | Cool Mom Tech

The puzzles get increasingly challenging in the best possible way. By Chapter III you’re moving castle walls that previous seemed immobile, which when I first got stuck, and had to start over and try a new path. Complete a level, and you get the most subtle little reward, like a rotating geometric figure in space shooting stars. (Just go with it.)

I can’t rave enough about the stunning graphics and the subtlety of the whole production; and even the music is cool, in that Myst sort of way, though it’s easy enough to mute.

Monument Valley app screenshot | Amazing puzzle app

Monument Valley puzzle App: Chapter II, the Garden

Monument Valley puzzle app screenshot: The Garden
This is a terrific little puzzle app for adults, and for tweens and older kids who are awesome with spacial relations and puzzles, though they might need a little help figuring out what to tap next – it’s not totally intuitive. But then, that’s what makes it challenging and fun. Among many other things. Let’s just say the second I hit publish on this review, I’m going back to playing.

Download the Monument Valley app for $3.99 at iTunes for iOS  or grab Monument Valley for Android at Google Play I’m glad I did. There are ten levels and we’re hoping more to come.