Over the years, I’ve appreciated Cool Mom Tech’s recommendations for fitness and health trackers that record heart rate, sleep and activity patterns. Have you found gadgets, preferably wearable, that monitor blood pressure? – Karine

Hi Karine, thanks for being a long-time reader! In the past few years, we have covered so many exciting developments in wearable tech, most of which are fitness-related. But we are definitely seeing a trend in more all-encompassing health trackers, including wearable blood pressure monitors. Just check out the recent iOS 8 announcement including Apple’s roll out of HealthKit.

In terms of wrist blood pressure monitors specifically, I did find a couple that are worth checking out. While they don’t yet compare to how sleek fitness trackers are becoming, and they are definitely are more bulky because you don’t necessarily wear them all day and night, wearable blood pressure monitors is a growing market for sure. So I’m betting we’ll be seeing more of this kind in the coming year.

Here are a three options we found definitely worth considering:

iHealth wireless wrist blood pressure monitor

iHealth (shown above) offers a wireless wrist blood pressure monitor that syncs automatically with the iHealthy MyVitals app (iOS or Android) to provide full blood pressure stats and pulse rate. MyVitals keeps a record of your readings, which is great for tracking over time, and keeps all the information in one place. Huge reassurance in the fact it’s FDA-approved, which ensures very accurate readings. ($79.95)


Omron series 3 wearable blood pressure monitor | Cool Mom Tech

Omron wrist blood pressure monitor

For someone serious about blood pressure monitoring who doesn’t want to hassle with phones or companion apps, Omron makes this standalone wearable wrist monitor in theOmron 3 series wrist blood pressure monitor. It also distinguishes between systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels to measure them both, as well as your pulse. As opposed to showing up on a mobile device, all of the readings are displayed on the gadget itself, which stores the last 60 readings you have taken. ($49.99)


Advances in health tech: Withings wireless blood pressure monitor connects with a companion app

Withings wireless blood pressure monitor

While this isn’t a device to wear on your wrist, it is worth noting as an excellent wireless option for serious blood pressure monitoring. Also FDA-approved, it’s a new product on the market that takes on more of a traditional route as a cuff that gets pressure readings from your upper arm. (Though it’s nicer looking than anything I’ve ever seen in a doctor’s office!) The Withings also syncs wirelessly to a complementary HealthMate app (iOS or Android) and keeps an ongoing log of your readings. ($129.95)

Stay healthy out there!