As much as I embrace technology and consider my iPhone another appendage, I still feel nostalgic for the simpler times when tech didn’t rule over everything, especially for my kids. Which is why I find the Kickstarter campaign for a new toy experience called Wonderblox so intriguing.

Wonderblox takes those wooden blocks every parent is familiar with, and adds a very digital spin to them. Along with the blocks, Wonderblox a play set that you set your iPad into, and a companion app featuring words and letters that kids have to match with the blocks by placing them on the screen.


Wonderblox educational digital toy for kids on Kickstarter | Cool Mom Tech

This concept of physical toys and digital apps merging together reminds me of Tiggly, but Wonderblox has more of an educational spin to it. And instead of having technology embedded into the blocks themselves, the play set features a built-in mirror using the iPad’s front-facing camera, in order recognize which blocks are being placed on screen. Pretty neat.

Wonderblox is aimed at kids ages 3-6, though I would use extra caution with the younger kids especially because we’re talking about hard blocks of wood and your pricey tablet, here. I also want to be sure that it’s not going to scratch up your screen, or that you’re sure to use a screen protector.

However for older pre-K and kindergarten students who likely know their way around iPads, I think Wonderblox has the potential to be a terrific blend of tech and educational play.

I also like the fact that kids can use the blocks independently just as regular blocks. Great reminder that even when the power goes out on the iPad–or the TV or the audio system–there is still plenty of good old fashioned fun to be had in the world.

Wonderblox needs $50,000 of Kickstarter donations to reach its goal and has about a month left in its campaign. Check out the Kickstarter page for more information. 

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