Long before we had kids, I knew my husband was going to be a fun dad. (I also knew I was going to be the uptight mom who shook her head and sighed a lot.) So when I checked out the Kid Dad Fun app, I started cracking up immediately. This app was made for our family, and probably your family too.

Kid Dad Fun is exactly what it sounds like: 101 activities designed especially for dads and kids to do together, rated according to how much stuff you need, how much it’ll cost, and how likely it is that your wife or partner will freak out. (Or hey, maybe it’s the dad in your family whose reaction you need to worry about. We know a few anal dads who…well, we’ll just leave it at that.)


Kid Dad Fun app | Cool Mom Tech

Some activities are tame, like pretending the floor is lava or doing cannonballs off the bed into a pile of pillows. But some suggestions are pretty outrageous, like letting the kids paint the inside of a closet or making a mystery pie. Imagining the outcome of activities like Traffic Grapes and Horrendous Portraits had me laughing until I cried.

I suppose you could turn the kids loose with some of these ideas on their own, but that kind of defeats the purpose, which is to create some awesomely hilarious family memories. And even though it’s called the Kid Dad Fun app, the creators point out that these activities work just fine for grandparents, single parents, and families with two dads or two moms. And I have to agree.

Basically, the Kid Dad Fun app is for anybody who likes to have fun. Even uptight moms like me. Just wait until my kids see what we’re going to do with the four pounds of spaghetti I bought.

Get the Kid Dad Fun app for iOS — only $2.99 for a limited time