It’s been a big week for Otterbox around here. First they wow us with their new Agility series¬†of iPad cases and accessories, and now they add to¬†their Otterbox Symmetry Series¬†high-style cases with a new design¬†from Nina Garcia¬†who is pretty high-style herself.

The Brazilian Pop pattern for Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5 is inspired by vibrant, exuberant Brazilian street art, which might explain¬†why it looks totally¬†like a Romero Britto design. (Not just me, right?) It’s got the same shock-absorbing drop protection as their other cases, and that raised beveled edge I always insist on for my own cases to protect the screen because it absolutely makes a difference.

(This all despite some awful guy at CES 2013 who tried to sell me on a case¬†without a raised edge by¬†insisting that if I “threw the phone on a pointed rock” it would break no matter what anyway. Lesson: Never throw your phone, screen-down, on a pointed rock. Also, don’t ever write about that guy’s phone cases.)

Nina Garcia Brazilian Pop Otterbox Symmetry Series Cases

Looking closely at the Otterbox site, the case is¬†“inspired by” Nina, so I’m not entirely sure what her role in all of this is. I just know that even if she’s an endorser, she’s cool, and the case looks cool, and it’s an Otterbox which means your phone¬†will be cool. Even if you drop it on an average, not-so-pointy rock.

Find the new Nina Garcia BrazilianPop Otterbox cases for iPhone 5/5S and Galaxy 5S starting at (corrected) $49.95 at Otterbox. Other cases in the Symmetry line start at $39.95.


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