If you want to add a fun twist to your next short iPhone video, you’ve got to try the Silent Film Studio video app, which lets you turn it into a black-and-white silent movie clip, complete with old-timey crackle ‘n’ pop organ music, black dialogue title cards, and static and celluloid scratches.

This fun app takes you back in time. As in, pre-1927, as you try your hand at a silent movie. You can use videos from your iOS library or start fresh by shooting a new one for your project. Then choose one of the 10 different Chaplin-esque soundtracks or go with something more suitable — if you have  it — from your own music library. (Though how many of you have 1920’s music in your playlist? Any Gershwin fans out there?)

Edit the video clips and title card sequences with an easy drag-and-drop, then finish it off with cool “Red Curtain” effect, at which point you can save them to your camera roll or share them on YouTube and Facebook. You’ll instantly feel like you’ve been transported (for a brief moment) to the time before talkies.

The app is great for video-crazy photo sharing parents, especially if you tend to take a lot of short clips and want to do something different with them, but I can totally see this app as a great way to keep  young, budding filmmakers in your house busy — and quiet — for a couple of hours.

Silent Film Studio is available on iTunes for $0.99. Thanks for the tip, Rebecca

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