Even with all the great lifestyle and organizational apps available to us today, there are times that nothing really replaces writing with pen and paper, whether I’m writing down funny things my kids have said or just making my grocery list. But having digital records of your ideas, dreams, and to-do lists are amazing too. That’s where the Ecojot Connect app (iOS and Android) comes in, from the makers of some of our favorite socially conscious, eco-friendly stationery. It’s the perfect marriage of traditional journaling with a high-tech twist.

Just write your notes in an Ecojot Connect app-ready journal, snap a photo of it with the app, and you’ve instantly got a digital version of your handwritten note that you can edit, add digital stickers to (if you’re 12), and share with your friends. It all stays organized by category in the app, so you can go back to it whenever you need it. (And if you accidentally delete it, you still have the paper journal to go back to. Whew.)

Ecojot Connect app-ready journal: Katherine Hepburn quote

Ecojot Connect app digitized journal page | Cool Mom Tech

Ecojot Connect app turns your scribbled notes into digitized ones


For the app to work, yes, you do have to use the App-Ready Ecojot Journals, which have a specially coded paper that allows all the editing to take place, similar to the Evernote Smart Notebook from Moleskine. But they happen to be as great looking as their regular journals.

Ecojot Connect app-ready journal turns scribbled notes into digital ones

Can you imagine all the different ways you (and your kids) could use this? Obviously, making lists comes immediately to mind. But what about sketching out logos for a business, rearranging the seating for your dinner party for the fifteenth time, saving your kids’ road trip drawings, or helping older kids keep track of their notes in class?

Download the  Ecojot Connect app for free for your iOS or Android devices, and order the App-Ready Journals from the Ecojot website. So many great ones!