From what we’re hearing from our readers, more of your kids are heading back to school with gadgets in hand. While we’d always recommend a case like an Otterbox for pure  protection, my kids also have my old iPhone hanging around the house (as in, do not leave the house with this) as a glorified MP3 player-slash-Minecraft device. And I would love nothing more than if they learned to put it back into an iPhone case as cute as the ones from Mally Designs on Etsy.

The designs are fairly adorable, from cute woodland creatures to flowers and ice cream cones, to a very chic little scottie dog. But if they’re too adorable for you or your older kid, they also  have custom cases in solid or two-tone colors, and you can add an initial if you’d like. Another nice feature is the two-slot card holder on the back, for a few bills, or a credit card. That is, if the case is yours, and not your ten-year-old’s. One step at a time.

Mally Leather iPhone cases in custom colors

Mally leather iPhone case with heart

Mally leather iPhone cases - tree design

Mally leather iPhone case with star

Mally leather iPhone case with tree branch

Mally leather iPhone case: Cloud design
If the name Mally, sounds familiar, you might remember them from a zillion years ago when we raved about their super popular, well made leather bibs for babies on Cool Mom Picks. So crazy to think that our babies who once wore their bibs are now in the market for their gadget cases.

Find dozens of styles of affordable leather iPhone cases and more as on Mally Designs. Cases are $20-25.