The Artkive app has been one of my back-to-school lifesavers ever since it launched a couple of years ago. And even if you don’t have four kids like I do, you’re probably swimming in artwork that is oh so painful to toss. The ability to store it digitally through an iOS or Android app, and then turn it into a cool printed book is pretty amazing. But if you’re short on time (uh, who isn’t?), the new Artkive Concierge service is pure magic.

If you’re falling behind on your intent to Artkive your kids’ art with the app itself–something I’ve been through for sure–now you can sign up for a new concierge service, which allows you to send all the actual original artwork to them in a box with a pre-paid mailing label so they can do the busy work for you. Artkive will professionally photograph every piece and add it to your Artkive account, even providing you with an eBook proof so if you want to print a gorgeous hard-cover book to preserve it, you can do it right through the app.

And yes, they’ll even return all your art if you want the originals–or recycle it for you if you don’t. Shh, don’t tell the kids that last part.


Artkive app adds Concierge Service to digitize your kids artwork for you

Right now, you can get in on their introductory pricing, which starts at $99 for 100 pieces of artwork. So yeah, that’s pricey, and of course, you can still just use the Artkive app and do it all yourself for free. But if you’re finding yourself as busy as I am and already swimming in classroom art projects with only the second week of school under your belt, it could definitely be worth the money to ensure those precious pieces actually make it onto your hard drive–before they end up accidentally in a not-so-digital trash can.

You can learn more about the new Artkive Concierge plans on their website. CMT is an rstyle affiliate

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