Recently, we were introduced to LiveHealth Online, a smart new Internet-based service and mobile app from WellPoint that allows you to choose from a list of board-certified doctors and get medical care and advice right from your home. Seriously, you can show a doctor your kid’s rash at midnight, or get a prescription you need on a Sunday without running over to urgent care–how awesome is that?

We were so impressed with it that Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech partnered with them to introduce the service to other bloggers and editors. So this past weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting some of our favorite New York City area mamas (and dads and grandparents) at Haven’s Kitchen for a fun back to school family brunch we called Eat It and Like It! 

With the start of school here and all of us here gearing up for the cold and flu season (hold us), everyone got the scoop on the benefits of the app, along with a super fun kids cooking lesson from Chef David, to introduce the families to healthy snacks that our kids can actually make themselves. Well, with a little help from the parents.

Cool Mom Picks LiveHealth Brunch: A kids' cooking class at Haven Kitchen NYC

Cool Mom Picks LiveHealth brunch: Onica from Mommy Factor

Cool Mom Picks LiveHealth Brunch: Liz Gumbinner with Lyss Stern

Cool Mom Picks brunch: Fun with the photo booth

Stephanie Mayer at Cool Mom Picks LiveHealth Online brunch

Cool Mom Picks brunch at Haven NYC

Cool Mom Picks back to school brunch for LiveHealth Online app

While the parents schmoozed and knocked back mimosas and a light brunch (miniature pancakes with homemade ricotta and maple syrup, mmmm…), the budding chefs got to color and make cool back-to-school buttons for their lunchboxes and backpacks.

But it was really the kids’ cooking classes that made the event so fun for everyone.

Overheard: “I can’t believe my kid is actually eating a vegetable spring roll!”

Cool Mom Picks LiveHealth Online Brunch | Making Spring Rolls

Cool Mom Picks brunch at Haven's Kitchen NYC for LiveHealth Online

Cool Mom Picks + LiveHealth Online back to school brunch at Haven's Kitchen NYC

Cool Mom Tech Brunch with LiveHealth Online: Kids making spring rolls
We were also lucky to have special guest and LiveHealth Online pediatric specialist Dr. Mia Finkelston on hand who gave us a ton of tips on how the app can make parents’ lives so much easier. Instead of lugging a minivan full of sick kids to an emergency room, or trying to get a last minute sick appointment at the clinic or your pediatrician’s office, LiveHealth Online’s board-certified doctors use interviewing and video exams (yes video!) to diagnose and treat so many maladies.

LiveHealth Online App for iOS and Android: Immediate doctor appointments through your phone!

The most common visitation reasons from parents seem to be fevers, coughs, rashes, and infections like pink eye; you know, the stuff that isn’t urgent urgent (no broken bones) but that still requires a professional diagnosis, maybe a prescription, and definitely some parental reassurance that everything will be okay.

It’s $49 a visit, less than many urgent care or walk in clinics.

Every parent we spoke with said they would totally spend that not to be devoting hours in urgent care on a Saturday just to get some antibiotic drops for conjunctivitis.  And we have to agree.

Demo of LiveHealth app | Cool Mom Tech brunch

Dr Mia speaks about the benefits of the LiveHealth Online app
What a fun afternoon for the kids and the parents. How can it not be when there is chocolate ricotta involved and we get to think of it as health food?

Also, totally fun to give away an iPad Mini. And hey, we know at least one app that’s going to be on it when she loads it up.


Stephanie Mayer: iPad Mini winner from Cool Mom Picks and LiveHealth Online!

Huge thanks to LiveHealth Online for partnering with us for this awesome event. Here’s hoping the kids will be cooking us dinner (and eating it, without complaint) very soon. 

And a special thanks to HP and Ellington Bags, who offered up amazing giveaways for our attendees, and to our friends at and Way Better snacks, who added fabulous goodies to our goody bags.

[Photos: Aaron Adler Photography; top photo: Jon Armstrong ]