No sooner is the Apple Watch announced, that new Apple Watch accessories are starting to roll in. Starting with the handsome Apple Watch charging stand  from our friends at DODOcase.  In fact it’s so beautiful, it kind of makes me want the watch even more.

Like their universal charging dock which launched this past spring, the Apple Watch charging stand is lovingly crafted out of reclaimed California Orchard Walnut right in San Francisco. It’s got a charging element on top and well to thread the wire through, so everything just fits together perfectly. (Take a good look at the photos on the site, which give you a great idea of how the watch will work as far as charging goes.) There’s even a little suction cup on the bottom so your precious won’t accidentally tumble off your nightstand. And if you want to make it a fabulous holiday gift, opt for the monogram on the leather.

DODOcase Apple Watch charging stand now available for preorder

DODOcase handmade charging stand for Apple Watch  |

Of course the stand is not available yet, though you can preorder from DODOcase for a mere $5 deposit. When the watch ships, the stand will ship and the price will be somewhere in the $60-80 range. Presumably the customer for this won’t be quibbling over $20, when they’ve just laid down $349 or (a lot) more for the Apple Watch.

Pre order the handmade wooden Apple Watch charging stand from DODOocase which should ship in early 2015 to coincide with the Apple Watch release. Order now and the first 100 stands to ship will be numbered which is pretty cool. 


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