As much as I like to make fun of selfies, I take them. We all take them. (Don’t tell me you don’t take them!) That’s why I’m giggling (and hope you are too) at the This is My Selfie shirt I spotted at Mint Tees on Etsy.

Granted, I’m a terrible mirror-selfie taker, which is why the words are backwards (you know, in case you’re reading this post without your coffee yet)–I tend to just flip my iPhone camera around. But it doesn’t even matter your selfie skill level because the joke still works. Just think of all the attention you’ll get at your next party. Or better, all the likes on your next Instagram selfie. In your selfie shirt. Especially if you pair it with a hashtag necklace. Get on it.

You can purchase the This is My Selfie Shirt tee at Mint Tees on Etsy. And if you want some tips for taking selfies with kids, we’ve got those too. Shirt not required, but always welcome.