So if we were playing word association and I said cool geek accessories you might give me a weird look because that sounds like an oxymoron. Lucky us, it’s not anymore. Because now you can respond with, Shadowplaynyc scarves, duh.

There’s not a fall or soon-to-be winter day that goes by where you will not find a scarf around my neck, which is why adding one of these geeky, NYC-made circle scarves is sort of essential to my survival. It doesn’t hurt that photographic print clothing and accessories all the rage right now, but hey, even if they weren’t, I’d still be completely smitten with these science-based designs.

Cool Geek Accessories: Thor Nebula circle scarf by Shadowplaynyc

Blue Moon jersey scarf by Shadowplaynyc on

Cool geeky accessories: Meteorite section circle scarf by Shadowplaynyc | Cool Mom Tech

I’m partial to the larger prints, like the Thor Nebula circle scarf at very top, which features an actual image taken by the Hubble Telescope. So cool! I also love the more Meteorite section circle scarf and all those amazing colors. But really, they’re all worth a look.

I love how they just look like interesting patterns until someone takes a closer look and asks about them, at which point you get to use the words nebula and meteorite. Maybe even Hubble telescope if you want to drop that into a cocktail party conversation. And if for some reason scarves aren’t your thing (what?), definitely check out the jersey tops and dresses, plus the awesome tights, which are geeky-cool all year round. Because, you know, space has no seasons.

Science joke.

You can purchase the cool pace circle scarves at Shadowplaynyc all of which are made in NYC. Get free shipping with purchases over $50.