For me, as a kid, mathematics was fun until it wasn’t.  I would say the party fizzled around the time If a train leaves the station at 10:15… questions became regular players on homework. So that’s why I enjoyed giving the Todo Math app for kids a try. It took me back to fun days of early elementary school math. Yes, there were trains, but these cute locomotives were about helping me tell time and figure out patterns in the cargo.

(As in, no need for my existential questions about those trains and the people who rode them that used to keep me from focusing on what time they would arrive.)

The Todo Math app does great job of being engaging and inclusive. There are 19 curriculum-based games and activities covering at Pre-K to Grade 2 math levels. And it can be quite personalized, including options to switch to Left-handed Mode and even Dyslexic Font.

It’s super user-friendly and instinctive too, and in fact, my five-year-old son jumped into the app and got going without my saying or having to explain thing to him.

Todo Math app: A fun new educational app for elementary kids

You can opt to do Missions, which are a series of “curriculum-aligned” games (like fun with numbers for Pre-K; multiplication drills for second graders) that your child can play her way through, advancing to the next stage, or mission, by scoring stars and points. Or you can use Free Choice, where the user decides which activities to do on their own. You can also add more than one profile so all the early elementary school-aged kids in your crew can share the app, provided you register with your email.

One thing to note: the free version of this app limits the number of games you can do. To unlock access to all levels, parents need to upgrade to the unlimited version. The Parents-Only screen details the different price pack options for in-app purchases.

Overall, I really like this app. Best part is, so does my son. I would definitely recommend it. And there’s no pressure to upgrade, because the limited access versions really does keep my young one busy and engaged for a good little while.

The Todo Math app for kids has a limited version which is a free download on iTunes, with upgrades available. And for more educational apps for kids, check out our Back to School tech guide for the best math apps for all ages.

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