I hate to admit it but with the automatic addition of the emoji keyboard with the iOS8 upgrade, I have finally given in to the emoticon and emoji bandwagon. With some limits of course. Of course Emoticandy, as far as I’m concerned, gets a pass no matter how you feel about those little graphical icons.

From the family-owned Raley’s Confectionary and available for purchase at Mouth (man, we love them!), these are a fun, geeky stocking stuffer if I ever saw one. All those beautiful little hard candies are made by hand using only natural food colors and organic sugar (so it healthy, right? ), and they come in all sorts of yummy natural fruit flavors. Along with truffle.

No idea how that one will go over with the kids.

Emoticandy! The best geeky stocking stuffer or hostess gift

Of course, I have yet to see a pig emoticon, but I think that’s besides the point. [ Insert happy emoticon here. ] 

I told you I have my limits on how and where I use them.

You can purchase the all-natural Emoticandy at Mouth