3D printing hasn’t exactly taken off yet, but based on glimpses we’ve seen — like foodmakeup, and super cool small stuff — we’d love to see it start to play a larger role in our lives. And with an incredible new site called the Kids Creation Station, presented by 3DP4E (3D Printing For Everyone), it may even help us preserve our very favorite pieces of kids’ artwork.

Kids Creation Station is a new website that allows users to take their kids’ artwork and turn it into real life 3D representations using, you guessed it, a 3D printer. It’s similar in concept to Budsies that turns artwork into stuffed animals, but instead of a stuffed animal, you get a standing replica of your kids’ latest masterpiece. Not as cuddly, but definitely very cool.

While you probably won’t be doing this for every item that comes home in your kid’s backpack since it’s $99 per piece, it looks totally worth it for a really special piece of art.


Kids Creation Station turns your child's art into 3D art

Turn kids' art into 3D art with Kids Creation Station

In other cool news from 3DP4E, they’re partnering with the Children’s Museum of Art on a brand new 3D printing exhibit that just launched. Young artists will get the chance to have their own creations printed in 3D glory and be included in the museum’s permanent collection. How cool to be able to say your 6-year-old is an artiste whose work is featured in NYC. The exhibit runs from November 20 through January 11.

3D printing may not be all the rage yet, but if it can turn my kid’s prized creation into a keepsake I can display on my mantel, then sign me up.

Kids Creation Station is taking orders now. If you’re in NYC, be sure to check out the exhibit at CMA.