My phone pinged me this week to let me know my period is about to start. TMI? Maybe. But I have a feeling other busy women out there might enjoy the little extra help that the Clue period tracker app is giving me these days.

Clue is like your personal period assistant which I know sounds hilarious. (Dahling…I have my own assistant just for my monthly cycle.). It takes all your menstrual info into account and lets you know when your period will start and, if you’re trying to conceive, when your fertility window is.

As for this time of year, I find it to be a great tool for planning which sundries you might need to pack on upcoming trips, or just trying to figure out why I’m breaking out like a teenager all of a sudden.

It’s also a great tool to help your daughter learn how to anticipate her period, even if young adults’  cycles can be wildly unpredictable at first. Hey, if I can help my daughter avoid the miserable, embarrassing high school memories of hysterics when the ibuprofen or worse (sorry, white pants) then I’ve done my job.


Clue period tracker app gives you a visual representation of your cycle

Clue period tracker app helps track your cycle symptoms
Fortunately, this doesn’t feel like your Great Aunt Betty’s period tracker. Modern graphics chart your cycle and let you record specific info related to your cycle or fertility each day. You can even create custom tags with your own quirky PMS symptoms, like “craving chocolate cake” or “panic attack!” This data helps me recognize that my increasing anxiety is actually not about ruining Christmas dinner at all–but has more to do with an upcoming visit. One that has nothing to do with relatives whatsoever. Mostly.

And now we’re best friends, because you know way too much about me.

The Clue period tracker app is available for free for iOS and Android devices, because women with periods use both platforms.