When it comes to fun educational apps for kids, the folks behind Cool Mom Tech faves Endless Alphabet and Endless Reader just won’t quit. (Guess that’s where the whole endless thing comes into play, huh?) The creative development team at Originator Kids has added yet another delightful app to their fantastic series: Endless Wordplay. It’s a fun intro to spelling, word-building and rhyming, featuring that wacky gang of lovable monsters acting out the words and guiding kids along to solve the word puzzles.

The free download comes with 3 spelling lessons (a total of 9 words), with additional lessons available as in-app purchases. In Endless Wordplay, kids get to meet a new character: Alphabot, the charming, round-headed robot who presents the lessons that reinforce different rhyming sequences and spelling and phonetic patterns.

However, there was one small hiccup I found — or more like one that my 5-year-old son discovered: kids can quickly burn through the free lessons and become rather eager to keep the fun going. Parents will need to weigh whether they are willing to plunk down the $4.99 for more lessons with the Wordplay Level 1 pack, or stick with the limited free version. Either way, this new app definitely spells out a good time.

The Endless Wordplay app is a free download on iTunes.