If you’re like me, you’re experiencing the post-holiday bloat and sluggishness that comes along with eating holiday cookies for breakfast. For ten consecutive days. January is always a great time to get things (like bodies) back on track, and a new fitness app and wellness program called Kiqplan is a perfect way to do that.

Kiqplan is a mix of a digital trainer, food log, and motivational coach, all in one mobile app for both Android and iOS. There are four different programs to choose from, depending on your specific health goals: Beer Belly Blaster is for the men (hopefully), while Slim + Trim is the most broad program for women. Then there are two specifically for moms or moms-to-be: Healthy Baby Bump and Goodbye Baby Belly. Which some of us can use looong after the baby was in the actual baby belly.

Each offers a 12-week program that combines workout videos created by experts, motivational tips, progress reports, health goals and even recipes, all sent to your app. And of course there’s a foot tracker, but this one happens to be especially nice with a clean, graphical interface.

In fact the Kiqplan fitness app makes it super easy to stay on track and log your daily food intake by letting you dictate your food choices vocally (strawberry greek yogurt and plain bagel) without having to scour through thousands of possible entries. It’s definitely easier than the search function on say, the Jawbone UP. But you can also type in your food choices too, if you want to be super accurate with your food log.


Kiqplan fitness app's food log helps keep you on track

But the real bonus of the Kiqplan mobile fitness app for lots of you will be that it pairs with a wide range of fitness trackers like the Fitbit, Misfit Shine, Jawbone UP, and the Fitbug which we’re currently trying out on its own. It even syncs with other fitness apps besides its own, like MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper. So if you’re already happy with a fitness tracking system, you can just sync it with what you’re already using and not start all over again with something new.

Don’t worry if this seems like two different things to manage; I like that the Kiqplan puts more of the power in your own hands, to motivate you to keep pushing forward, instead of just tracking and rewarding you for what you’re already doing.

And of course, it’s great to have all four programs to choose from.

Kiqplan's mobile fitness app helps meet many fitness goals

Each fitness app is available for $19.99, but I really have to put “app” in quotes since it’s more like an entire program that costs less than a one-day guest pass at some gyms. In fact, shelling out $20 for a three-month fitness program with new daily content tailored to your specific weight-loss and health goals can be a great deal. Especially if you’re determined to keep that resolution going past January 31.

Each fitness program is available on the Kiqplan website for $19.99. 

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