I’m patting myself on the back for finally sitting down this weekend and sending out the¬†thank you notes for holiday gifts that, yeah, I probably should have sent a bit earlier. But then, it was the holidays! I’m a busy working parent! In other words, I am hoping that my friends, family and colleagues will forgive me–and I’m sure yours will do the same for you if you’re in the same position.

If you have a few minutes to spare, check out Paperless Post which isn’t just one of my favorite resources for¬†sending holiday ecards, but for sending the thank you notes afterwards, too.

There are so many really beautiful new thank you card styles¬†from designers and brands like Kate Spade, Jonathan Adler, J Crew, Petit Collage¬†and more.¬†Even cards that are perfect “from the kids.” Surely there’s something that feels exactly right, whether you want something simple and polite for your boss, or a little more cheeky for your favorite cousin.

Online thank you notes from Paperless Post: Never too late to send!

As for pricing, there¬†are a couple of free cards in there, like the¬†playful¬†Cirque thank you card.¬†However¬†most cards cost between one and three “coins” plus additional¬†for premium options like¬†a funky envelope, liner, or special “stamp.” 20 coins runs you $6, with big quantity¬†discounts like 300 coins for $42.

If you figure¬†that’s way less than¬†what a pack of 300 real paper cards would¬†cost to buy and mail–and probably less than the gift or party you’re thanking someone for in the first place–I’d say that’s a small price for being incredibly considerate. Even in mid-January.

Check out the online thank you notes from Paperless Post that run from free to a little bit more.

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