I’m not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed by my selfie technique, which involves doing a 360 degree turn to find the best light. But with Vany, (yes, as in “vain”) which is a new ring¬†light for smartphones, I¬†just might¬†be able to nail selfie perfection every single time, no¬†ridiculous spin required.

If you’re not familiar, a ring¬†light pops on a DSLR lens and throws¬†a¬†shadowless light, which happens to be extremely flattering. It’s an essential bit of photography equipment on pro fashion shoots.¬†That’s why a small version of it like the Vany seems like a cool idea, whether you’re a selfie addict or you just want to take better smartphone photos. Just slip it on to any phone, as you do with the¬†olloclip lens¬†(it seems to be compatible with any phone)¬†and suddenly you’ve got LED light whenever you want it.

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¬†You can even pop it on your laptop for Skype or Google Hangouts–pretty smart considering how tricky it can be to get good light¬†for video chats.

Vany smartphone ring light: selfies before/after

The Vany ring light helps you take better selfies

Vany ring lights for your smartphones: More flattering than a flash

And hey, if¬†you’re not using the Vany Ring¬†Light for your selfies, it can hang around your neck doubling as a reading light or even a safety light for kids, so¬†you don’t have to feel completely vain purchasing a dedicated selfie light. It’s for the children! Sort of.

Support the Vany Ring Light on Indiegogo and be one of the first people to get your face, er, hands on it. 

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