We’ve heard that developers are beta testing the latest versions of iOS and OS X, with a¬†WiFi bug fix and blah blah blah blah. Let’s be honest, we¬†know that what most people really care about right now: emoji. More specifically,¬†racially diverse emoji¬†which we’ve been hoping¬†for for a while now. From the blushing bride to the¬†fist bump, Apple users will soon be able to¬†click and hold any emoji character to adjust it to one of five skin tones.

Even Santa.

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Apple's updated iOS and OS X will include diverse emoji. Go Apple!

Beyond racially diverse emoji, we’re¬†also thrilled¬†to see that the family unit emoji selection will expand to include depictions of families with two moms, ¬†two dads and more than one child, along with emoji featuring two women or two men with a heart between them.

Huge props to Apple for making more¬†inclusive¬†emoji of all kinds a development priority. Because we haven’t seen any stats, but it’s a pretty good bet that¬†heteronormative¬†white people aren’t the only ones¬†who like to text¬†ridiculous¬†emoji messages.

No official release date yet for iOS 8.3, but a public beta is scheduled for mid-March. Also note that at this time, overuse of emoji instead of actual written language is legal in all 50 states.

[h/t 9 to 5 Mac]

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