We rely so much on our tech gadgets that it’s no surprise innovative charging solutions are such a hot commodity. We’re always looking for a smarter, sleeker way to power up our phones and tablets while keeping our homes organized, and we’re pretty impressed with how the new thingCHARGER charging station does exactly that.

The thingCHARGER plugs directly into a wall outlet, but it’s really an outlet in itself. Both sockets are fully operational, plus there are ports at top with interchangeable adapters to charge or device any USB device at all–iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, other battery packs, you name it. Plus another two USB ports underneath.

It’s really that simple. And bonus: No tangled cords cluttering your desk or kitchen counter.

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The thingCHARGER docks your devices, and includes two extra USB ports

The thingCHARGER docks devices to eliminate tangles, and you can add up to 3 at a time




Getting rid of those messy cords is one big reason I love the thingCHARGER, but it’s got some more great features that I should mention. One, the Lightning connector tip is Apple-authorized. This means the chip isn’t going to fail with the next iOS upgrade. Also, it’s designed to practically eliminate vampire power which will definitely save you money and energy over the long run.

It’s also designed so that you can plug up to three thingCHARGERs into one another for even more devices.

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The crowdfunding campaign wraps up in the next two days though , so if you want to grab it, preorder one right away for just $39.90 each–pretty awesome price. Unfortunately, they don’t expect to start shipping until this summer. And I do wonder whether it might take a little longer, since demand has been so high that they’ve blown their funding goal out of the water. Not that I can’t wait for another awesome solution to get rid of all those cords winding around my kitchen counter.

Check out the thingCHARGER crowdfunding campaign and get your own at the pre-launch price.