While I’m pretty cautious about my kids’ use of social media, I love¬†encouraging them to take pictures and hone their photography skills, whether we’re on some exotic family vacation¬†or¬†just hanging out around the house. Of course kids naturally gravitate to all the fun filters and photo editing tools of apps like Aviary, but I’m happy to have found¬†Typic Kids,¬†a cool photo editing app¬†made just for them.

While most photo apps for kids are not so hot in the design department, you’ll notice right away that the Typic Kids developers have a really nice¬†visual sense, from¬†the fun¬†filters, backgrounds, and typefaces to even the¬†stickers. Now obviously the¬†effects are geared toward kids–you probably won’t be adding¬†dinosaurs¬†to¬†your own family¬†photos–but your younger ones will love them.


Typic Kids photo editing app lets kids add cool stickers to their photos.

Typic Kids photo editing app: One of the best designed ones for kids we've seen

My kids think¬†it’s hilarious to add speech bubbles to pictures of themselves and put words in each other’s mouths, and to add stickers to give our vacation photos a silly touch — like an alien in the sky in a shot of them on the beach, or a pig perched on the roof of our car.¬†It’s really fun watching them get creative.

One complaint though, is that when you finish editing a photo, the app invites you to share it with the world via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Typic Kids cautions “Parents Only!” and requires you to solve a math problem before sharing, but we’re talking¬†six-year-old level math problems. Next thing you know, your first-grader will fill your¬†Instagram feed with their¬†“creativity.” So this app is definitely one that requires some supervision or a strong caution only to save it to the photo roll.

Even so, I’d definitely¬†recommend Typic Kids as a fun app for¬†kids. Hey, you might find you’ve got a budding photographer or graphic designer in the family.

Download Typic Kids photo editing app on iTunes for $1.99.

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