Well wasn’t I delighted when I went to update all my out-of-date apps (another resolution), and clicked on Aviary in the App store (also in Google Play for Android ) which is one of my very favorite free photo editing apps. It was then that I saw I could get hundreds of dollars worth of filters, frames, and overlays totally free.

Actually, Aviary is one of my favorite photo editing apps, period. Their vast array of filters trounces what Instagram offers (besides, how often can one woman use Rise?) so I often hit Aviary for quicker edits on my iPhone photos than Snapseed, and import directly to Instagram. The one downside: the filter packs can get pricey and I’m not always up for spending $2.99 a pop on them. So how awesome that right now through January 5 [Update: Free download date is now extended to Feb 19], you can get all (as in, all) of their tools for free, forever, just by registering with Adobe.

You may already have the Adobe Reader app, in which case just follow the prompts on Aviary to enter your Adobe password and you’re set. If not, download Adobe Reader, register (also free) and that’s it.

Can you tell I’ve had the best time playing with these filters and frames for the last few days?  And while I tend not to be big on “stickers” or overlays, what the heck, I grabbed them too, including all the holiday themed packs. Since they’re free and all.

Aviary photo filters, frames, and editing tools | Cool Mom Tech
The best part about this offer is that everything is backed up in your account, yours to keep forever. So get on it! My only warning is that having this many photo filters and tools at your disposal is a humongous, totally fun time suck. You might want to wait to download until the kids are in bed.

Download the free Aviary app for iOS or Aviary for Android and until Feb 19 (updated date), get their complete suite of editing tools free when you register with Adobe. Just follow the prompts on the app. 

And if you catch this after February 19? Download it anyway. It’s a really fun, easy photo editing app and there are often free filter packs brought to you by brand partnerships.