Football fans or not, millions of viewers flock to the Super Bowl for the commercials. Pretty much everyone wants to see the ads that will have everyone buzzing the next day — or in real time on Twitter. But if you want a pre-game sneak peek at the Super Bowl ads — or should you actually want to hit the loo during commercials, just like in the old days — we have three sites you can check out. Aside from your favorite social media sites, which will surely be buzzing with unfiltered, opinionated commentary. Mostly from us.

[Pictured above: Mophie commercial via Deutsch LA]

This site features all of the commercials that will air, plus some previews, extended commercials, and teasers for wildly-anticipated movies like The Divergent Series: Insurgent; Terminator Genisys; Tomorrowland; and Minions. 



As usual, the industry trade mag covering media, advertising and tech news has sifted through all the commercials to bring you the Top Super Bowl ads of 2015 — the ones they say you won’t want to miss. So forget FOMO and watch them this minute. Also keep an eye out for sharp analysis on Adweek from an insider industry perspective. You might be surprised to see that ad agency folks spark to very different ads than you do.


Super Bowl Commercials website

The name tells you all you need to know, doesn’t it? Here you can watch and share all the 2015 Super Bowl ads, as well as go back in time to catch the commercials from previous years. It’s always interesting to see how the trends have changed over time. (Dogs, horses and beer, man. Enduring.)

It’s always interesting to see which tech companies will be advertising this year, too. Keep an eye out for ads from brands like Mophie (above), Squarespace and As for T-Mobile using the never-before-seen new star Kim Kardashian, well, kudos to them for being innovative there.


Edited to add: If you’re interested in seeing what female ad agency creatives have to say about the portrayal of women in the Super Bowl ads, or offer your own opinions yourself, also be sure to check out the 3 % conference live Super Bowl Tweetup and follow the #3percentSB hashtag.  -Eds.

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