I’m mostly an Instagram purist. I really love following the kinds of accounts in which people share their own individual photography instead of loads of quotes, reshares, or images pulled from magazines. And while I can never resist a gorgeous baby photo, there are plenty of parents out there doing more than just sharing photos of their kids on Instagram. ( No judgments, we do it too! ) So I’m really inspired by these 4 creative, cool Instagram accounts from parents that I bet you’ll love whether you have kids or not.

Even though there aren’t cute babies or charmingly styled design-blog ready children filling their accounts (maybe just the occasional one here and there), you can still feel the parenting love and the kid-at-heart in each of these clever photographers. Enjoy

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Brent Almond's homemade post-it lunch notes on Instagram

SuperLunchNotes by Brent Almond

I love this designer, illustrator, blogger, and doting dad of JJ — A.K.A. Designer Daddy — who not only has far more creativity than I do in the lunch note-making department, but definitely more time in the morning before school. Check in daily for his awesome lunch box notes drawn on Post-Its, including my favorite, a vague threat from Darth Vader to eat lunch, one day when Brent was away and Grandma was in charge.


Pink In NYC: Fun Instagram account to follow from Ilana Wiles of Mommy Shorts

Pink in NYC by Ilana Wiles

Ilana is already the camera behind the popular Mommy Shorts feed, but recently she added this account for her pink-loving daughter (you may know a few girls like that) in which they seek out anything pink and fun in and around New York — and a few reshares of pink from around the world. Her daughter makes a featured appearance from time to time, but the real star of this feed is the color pink which has been exceedingly welcome after this NYC winter we’ve had.


Samantha Lee's amazing food art on Instagram

Lee Samantha by Samantha Lee

I’m always blown away by food art, in part because I will make stuff that looks like this never. (Pancakes in the shape of my kids’ initials is pretty much high art around here.) But for food artist and Malaysian mom Samantha Lee, a typical typical day includes turning a plate into a canvas, and using what I call “sandwich ingredients” into a superhero Barbie, lovesick robot, dancing Psy (remember him?), and a lot more. Her work is so professional, I don’t even see at it as some aspirational mom thing I’m supposed to be doing; I’m simply charmed by her artistry and every shot makes me smile.

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Manolo Saviantoni's Harry Potter pixel art on Instagram

Mariano Saviantoni posts a pop culture pixel art character each day on Instagram Fun!

The_Oluk by Manolo Saviantoni

Italian graphic artist Saviantoni is a proud (and busy!) dad of Nathalie, Amelie and Élodie, but his Instagram feed is full of famous characters he turns into pixel art. 8-bit design fans or just fans of pop culture will have fun recognizing everyone from superheroes to video game characters, action movie stars, Harry Potter & Co, and even the cast of Scooby Doo and The Addams Family. His daughter is going to have one serious bedroom wall mural some day, if she doesn’t already.