Clever always wins, in my book. That’s why I snorted pretty loudly when my editor Liz emailed me a link to this most excellent Men In Black phone case from Society6. I will also admit that it took me half a beat to catch the full joke, like, the fact that the figure at the top right is Johnny Cash.

Ha! See? I’m giggling all over again. Can’t ever quit you, funny phone cases.

The artist behind this super cool case is Eric Fan, the same illustrator who gave us this brilliance called Big Chew (ha), a Chewbacca iPhone case we featured in our roundup of the coolest new cases for iPhone 6.

Big Chew iPhone case on Society6

So, the real question now is: Can you identify all of the 9 men in black featured on the case? I will bake you a blackberry pie if you do. (Note: I will not be doing this in real life.)

The Men In Black smartphone case featuring characters from Star Wars, Batman and more, is available for iPhone (3 through to 6 Plus) and Galaxy S4 and S5 on Society6 for $35. Be sure to check out even more clever, cool, cute iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases.