With all these new LEGO sets coming out, like Scooby Doo LEGO¬†and Doctor Who LEGO, I’ve got total LEGO envy. Why should the kids get all the cool stuff? Well, this new¬†My Old Basement LEGO kit is all mine.

Designed by artist Chris McVeigh¬†(a.k.a. Power Pig)¬†who we’ve featured lots of times on our site, this special kit features 358 parts that, when assembled, transform into a¬†vintage gaming set-up, complete with a 70’s-era¬†pre cable television, an original Atari gaming system, even a Coke can.

Though I was more of a Tab girl myself. Don’t hate.

My Old Basement LEGO Kit: Yes, that's an Atari!

My Old Basement LEGO Kit: Complete with a Coke can

The attention to detail is pretty amazing, with sloped television screen blocks, rare micro and nanofigs, even colors you don’t often see¬†in LEGO sets,¬†because how else would you get that fabulous puke colored area rug? Plus, you now have support for your¬†When I was a kid... stories,¬†when the¬†kids complain about slow WiFi connectivity and dead smartphone batteries.

The new My Old Basement LEGO kit¬†is available for pre-order and ships 3/9. Also, awesome Father’s Day gift idea.¬†

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