Have you ever wished you could literally bookmark a favorite restaurant in a new town you’re visiting? Like, just magically click a button in your brain that lets you put an asterisk next to the name of the place so you’ll always remember it? Or maybe it’s the old-fashioned toy store you keep reading about that’s in a part of your city you don’t often go, but you want to make note of it for future gift-buying.¬†Well now¬†there’s Mapstr, a neat, new app that helps you keep track of all of your fave places just like that.

Mapstr acts like a map-meets-notes app, letting you tag all your favorite spots and add important details (always ask for the chef’s special) with a quick touch of¬†your iPhone.

Think of it¬†like having a giant paper map with all your Post-It notes and side scribbles folded up into your phone. ¬†And if you’re always asking Facebook friends for recos for restaurants, shops, kid-friendly hotels, bookstores that they love, then you — and, real talk, those FB friends that you’re always bugging — will really appreciate Mapstr.

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Mapstr app | free iOS app

We love the Mapstr app for travel or your own hometown: Save favorite locations, tag them, remember them for later.


You can add a place to your map by typing in the name or address, search what’s nearby or — even cooler — scan the address by snapping a pic of the place with your camera. It’s really that easy.

Just one¬†thing to note: Mapstr isn‚Äôt a social app. There are no reviews or user comments, and you can’t share your location with other nearby people. It’s just for you and your own memory. Remember when the world was like that?

Download the free Mapstr app for iOS at iTunes

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