It’s amazing that USB electrical outlets aren’t yet standard in homes and new constructions, so we’ve covered quite a few ways to turn regular electrical outlets into USB charging spots yourself. The new SnapPower Charger looks like the easiest and most economical option we’ve seen yet. It’s no wonder it’s killing it on Kickstarter.

Unscrew your old outlet cover, pop the SnapPower Charger in its place, and screw it back in. It really is that simple. If you can wield a screwdriver, you can install this.

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What I really love about this USB electrical outlet is that at just $12 a pop, you can use it to replace any cover plate around your home where you’re likely to plug in a charging cord — on the kitchen counter, next to the bed, in your home office, even in the bathroom. No need to haul around adapters, which always seem to disappear in my house.

(Seriously, adapters are the new single sock.)

Snappower USB charger in a screw-in cover plate. No hardwiring!
Because the SnapPower Charger is blowing up their Kickstarter goal, a lot of the early bird deals have already been snatched up. But you can still get a great deal for a contribution, especially for the multi-packs. When I think about it, I could easily find ten places in my home for them.

Check out the SnapPower Charger USB electrical outlet on Kickstarter. They’re expected to ship in August 2015.