For years, Volvo is of course¬†known for their automobile safety technology, but their latest endeavor is meant to help keep people safe from cars and it’s pretty cool. ¬†Volvo LifePaint is a water-based reflective safety spray that can be applied on pretty much any surface, making those objects (like say your bike) much more visible in the dark and hopefully, save a lot a lives.

The difference is pretty amazing, when you look at the before and after shots.

We’ve shared¬†lots of other smart illuminated products to help keep kids and families safe, like the Halo Belt and Revolights, but LifePaint is completely different. Because it’s water-based there’s no impact when applied, even to clothing. It lasts for about a week, and washes off easily or will just wear away from your bike frame or helmet after some exposure.¬†I’d probably test it in a small, inconspicuous area first, but I may also be unnaturally attached to my bike.

I’m definitely¬†curious about the formula and how safe it is. Are fumes a concern? What if your toddler¬†licks the¬†bike? (Parents, you know it could happen.)

However it’s selling out like crazy in London right now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s stateside any day now.

Bike safety with Volvo LifePaint reflective paint: Before and after

Interestingly, Volvo¬†LifePaint¬†has been criticized for “victim-blaming,” or putting the onus on¬†cyclists to keep themselves safe, rather than encouraging drivers to watch out for cyclists. But as a cyclist myself, I don’t see it that¬†way at all. I mean, of course drivers should look out for cyclists, but don’t you learn that in driver’s ed? Biking in traffic is inherently risky, and Volvo LifePaint is a smart¬†means of mitigating that risk, along with¬†following traffic laws and wearing a helmet.

Plus,¬†having seen¬†other cyclists ride under conditions when most drivers wouldn’t expect them, like long after sunset¬†in below-freezing temperatures, I think Volvo LifePaint could actually be life-saving.

Right now Volvo LifePaint is only available in bike shops around London. You can contact them directly about getting a can shipped, or provide your email address on the website for more details when available.

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