When I think Father’s Day gifts, I don’t necessarily think tacos. Not that there’s anything wrong with tacos. But I do think tech gifts, and while it’s hard to find affordable ones, I am so happy to have discovered our friends at This is Ground making a special Father’s Day edition set of their smart, handmade in the USA leather cord wranglers.

Following in the footsteps of their Mother’s day edition cord taco, which was all metallic and beautiful, there’s now a set of 5 Father’s Day cord tacos featuring clever designs referring to baseball, mustaches, and biking. And of course, Best Dad.

Because the best dad is the one who doesn’t end up with his earbuds a tangled mess in his bag, evidently.

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Father's Day cord taco collection from This is Ground


You can buy the set of five, or pick individually if you see one as the perfect gift that suits his interests and individuality.  I kind of like that brown leather bike style, and I don’t even bike. But if it were up to my youngest daughter, she’d pick the mustache. For her.

Find the Father’s Day cord tacos as a set or individually for $12 each online at This is Ground for a limited time. They’re around until June 19 or they sell out.