I am pretty sure that it’s written somewhere in the fine print of the Parenthood Contract that we’re supposed to take tons of photos of our kids. So it’s always a nice bonus when the subjects of our countless pics develop their own interest in the camera — beyond posing for it.

Last summer we shared our 6 smart, easy tips for teaching kids photography. And now, we’ve got even more photo 101 intel for you in a new book out August 4, 2015, called National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography: Tips & Tricks on How to Be a Great Photographer From the Pros & Your Pals at My Shot

Long title? Yes. But the book, by legendary National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths and children’s author Nancy Honovich, is worth more than a thousand words. It’s 155 pages and packed with easy to follow, super helpful, practical information and instruction .

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National Geographic Kids: Guide to Photography


National Geographic Kids: Guide to Photography

Photo credit: Annie Griffiths

Aimed at kids ages 8 to 12, the guidebook covers the scope of cameras from “old school” point-and-shoot to and SLRs to snazzier dSLRs and smartphones. And all the tips and facts are laid out in a fun, kid-friendly, but comprehensive way.

In each section there is an “Annie’s Assignment,” where kids can try their hand at a technique that was just explained using simple step-by-step instructions. And the “What Went Wrong” feature, where kids figure out what the photographer could have done differently to improve the shot, is a great way to learn from missteps.

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I also liked that the book has plenty of cool side-bar stuff, too, like Careers For Camera Hounds, which features a quick Q&A with people who work with photography and imaging for a living. There are also Expert Tips — quotes from Griffiths and other pro photogs — littered throughout the book, covering everything from advice on the best way to edit your own pictures to how to create the illusion of depth in photography. Listen, plenty of adults would find lots of gems in this book.

If Nat Geo Kids’ goal here is to teach kids good and correct photography habits from the jump, I’d say they scored big time with this smart guidebook. It gets two-thumbs up from me. But I wasn’t surprised. I mean, National Geographic and photography are almost synonymous.

Plus, Griffiths is a mom who has traveled the world with her kids in tow, teaching them all about photography along their journeys, so readers of this book are in capable and creative hands.

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Top photo credit: Erik (Hash) Hersman via Flickr