I’ve raved about the SPIbelt sport belt in the past because, well, it’s fantastic. And since mine was with by my side (literally) through another half Ironman race last month, I was really excited to check out a possible upgrade, their new SPIbelt Performance Series sport belt, and see how it compared to the original.

The Performance Series has a larger pocket than the original — a big plus for iPhone 6/6+ and Samsung Galaxy users. Even better, that pocket is now weather-resistant, which is helpful whether you’re caught in the rain, or you’re pouring cups of water over your head to cool off.

(Personally I stuff ice cubes in my top. Hey, don’t knock it.)

Spibelt Performance series belt is fantastic for holding your tech while running

Bear in mind that the pocket isn’t as super-stretchy as the original, due to the water-resistance of the fabric. But I actually like it, since it makes it easier to get my phone in and out. Plus, the Performance Series belt includes four gel loops, so I don’t have to dig around in the pocket for a gel and accidentally grab my phone instead.

My new SPIbelt Performance Series is coming with me next weekend for an extra-tough half marathon. I may not run at my personal best, but at least I know my sport belt will perform.

Find the new SPIbelt Performance Series sport belt on the SPIbelt website and thanks to the company for sending one for review.