I will never have the 26. 2 sticker on my car, because let’s be honest here, the only marathon I’ll ever be training for is right on my television. That is why I need this hilarious shirt in my life.

I always find myself cracking up at pretty much everything at Look Human. Just ask Liz, who had to endure my loud cackles yesterday as I searched through their site. This one is particularly awesome though, given my penchant for binge watching, and really, I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that endeavor. Hey, it’s hard work staying up way past my bedtime to catch up on the newest season of Orange is the New Black! Whew. 

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You can purchase this in all sorts of colors and styles, though I’m partial to the gym tank top because you have to love the irony of wearing it to the gym or better, while sauntering on the treadmill.

Grab the Training for a Marathon on Netflix t-shirt at Look Human