Okay all ye mothers who felt guilty about not getting those baby books filled with photos representing every little milestone: You are no longer alone! Because now, you don’t even have to have kids to feel the pressure of owning a photo album completed with requisite captured moments of your life’s highlights, thanks to My #Selfie Journal: A #Nofilter Look at Your Life

(Also, that #NoFilter thing? Yeah, don’t worry about that. We wouldn’t want you preserving your least flattering photos or anything.)

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This  paperback gift book by professional SF based photographer Brock Sanders is definitely the 21st century photo album, if targeted more towards the “we have disposable income and time for brunch with friends” Instagram crowd. Or at least your own teens and older kids.

Each charmingly illustrated page contains prompts around themes from from fashion to friends to mealtime, with meme inspired captions like #FollowMe, YOLO, #Artsy, TBT, and Cuteness Overload. Then there are those prompts that feel right out of a post from the @satiregram account, which you might remember from our picks for 11 Instagram accounts to make you happy. Think: Poolside Service; Feel the Sugar Rush; Headphones On; Sunglasses Selfie; and everyone’s favorite, Duck Face.

It all kind of makes you realize that as different as we all are, good lord, we all kind of have a lot of the same shots in our feeds, don’t we.

My #Selfie Journal: Telling your story in dozens of square, highly filtered photos

All mild snark aside, I think it’s a very fun gift for the selfie generation — especially for a high school or college grad or even a new freshman, considering the final page refers to “turn your tassel, toss your cap.” Unless that’s a metaphor? In fact, you might be the coolest parent or aunt or grandparent or BFF on the planet if you wrap one of these as a gift.

Just know the one thing about My #Selfie Journal that might be weird for kids these days: It requires actually printing your favorite Instagram photos. Printing. Wow. Is there even a hashtag for that?

Find My #Selfie Journal: A #Nofilter Look at Your Life by Brock Sanders from our affiliate Amazon or find a local gift shop near you at Indiebound.com