Getting excited at a recent dentist visit to sit and read an actual magazine made me realize how little time I have to myself. (And perhaps that I need to find a hobby). People aside, turns out I found a magazine of sorts that I’ll most definitely make time for every month, thanks to a new app called the Recently Magazine app . Even if my own kids are the star of it, and not Jennifer Lawrence or Channing Tatum.

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CanDo Baby, the makers of one of our former favorite Baby Book apps (now sadly defunct), has hit the ground running with  Recently, which automatically curates photos from your camera roll, publishing them in a beautiful monthly magazine. Like, a real one.

I other words, you will receive an actual 7×10 magazine, printed on archival quality Mohawk Paper every month, chronicling your very own life.

This is a genius idea, especially for parents like me who have thousands of pictures just sitting on their phones taking up space. Sure, we have covered tons of awesome photo book options, Recently is quite different in that it comes to you on a monthly basis and there is truly very little effort involved.

Recently Magazine App: Turn your photos into real, bound magazines with very little work

The Recently Magazine App automatically turns your 50-100 best photos and turns them into a beautifully designed monthly magazine


You do have the ability to decide which photos you want included, which is recommended if you don’t want to include 35 shots from your kid’s soccer game. All you have to do is double-tap to delete images and the app “automagically” (oof) formats and pulls either 50 or 100 photos for you based on your preferences.

There are no templates to fuss with, and no borders or editing options, which I actually like. Having an app that’s so straightforward makes it that much quicker and easier for me to create. Plus, the app reminders help you stay on top of picking your favorite hundred photos on a monthly basis which is less work than you’d think.

Especially when you’ve got younger kids, I really do love the idea of having a library of beautiful photo books disguise as magazines on display, especially since I’m about two years behind on printing out 4x6s for the family photo album. (Yes, I still do that. When I can.)

The developers are also hinting about a future upgrade in which others can subscribe to your magazine, making a fantastic gift for grandparents and family members.

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The magazine costs $8.99/month, which I think is extraordinarily reasonable. Consider the fact that you’d pay just about that for two magazines at the grocery checkout. Plus, it’s a magazine of your own life, which may not be as salacious as the ones with stories about shocking paternity reveals and which celebrities buy kale JUST LIKE US.

But then again, you won’t feel so guilty about browsing through it at your next mani/pedi or teeth cleaning either.

Recently app is available as a free app download on iTunes.