Its pronunciation may be in the tomayto/tomahto zone, but when it comes to GIFs there’s no debate about their popularity. So, last week when our favorite social network rolled out the Boomerang app that basically lets you produce and share GIFs, let’s just say that we were pretty (hard-G) geeked-out to give it a try.

The Boomerang app is super simple to use. All you do is press a button — choosing portrait, landscape, or selfie mode — and then shoot a one-second burst of five photos which is then tacked together in a silent, high-quality, mini video that plays forwards and backwards on a loop.

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Boomerang from Instagram | This new app captures 1-second video loops

Your Boomerang is automatically saved to your camera roll, but really they’re meant for sharing across your social media channels. Bonus: You don’t need to have an IG account or be logged in to use the app.

I’m already seeing the collection of goofy and giddy video loops flooding my social media timelines, and I’m here for it. Send in the Boomerangs!

The Boomerang app from Instagram is a free download on iTunes and Google Play.