Shopping online has been Captain Convenience for so many of us for years now, although when you’re shopping for clothes, it can sometimes lean into “this is such a hassle” territory if you’ve got six open tabs to compare prices at six different shops. Turns out the Donde Fashion app feels your pain, and is trying to make searching for a hot new wardrobe as easy as a few taps and a swipe.

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The app lets users find exactly what you want from more than 6000 top brands and retailers that include high end labels like Chloe and Neiman Marcus, to mainstays like J Crew and Anthropologie, to trusty bargain brands like H&M and Express. It lets you  filter by item type, color, style, neckline, price, and more. You end up with a fantastic, Pinterest-y looking screen filled with all the different options.

Donde Fashion app reinvents easy online shopping for women

What’s really different from other apps is that you don’t need to type in text to search, and instead pops up visual icons or menus of brand names to make searching easier. I would have thought an icon-based search would make the whole thing generic and broad. Not so; the icons actually narrow things down quite nicely, because sometimes it’s hard to know just what the difference is between a bucket bag and a hobo.

You’ll know it when you see it, right?

Whether you want a specific neckline, skirt length, fabric, boot height, bag shape — it’s really easy to just tap and choose using Donde Fashion.

Donde Fashion app lets you sort clothes from 6000 brands by item, color, pattern, style and more

Donde Fashion app: An amazingly easy way to shop clothes and accessories online

Donde Fashion app: Drill down by item, style, color, price from more than 6000 retailers. It's awesome!


Another great benefit is that unlike other retail interfaces, which make you start a search all over each time you make a change, on Donde Fashion, you can easily adjust your search in progress. You can go backwards, deselect your option, or just skip a particular filter altogether. Say, taking away “black” so you can see more dresses in all different colors.

(Though Liz might have a problem with that. )

The app also lets you opt to receive notifications whenever a certain item you’ve got your eye on goes on sale, or you can add those must-have bags or shoes or dresses to your wish list to keep in mind for all those awesome people in your life asking you what you want for the holidays. There’s also a social component, which lets follow friends if you want, and even get them to weigh in on some of your fashion picks which can be a big help.

You of course need to register to access those features, but it’s nice to find the rare shopping app that lets you browse and shop as a “guest” as well.

Right now, Donde Fashion app is focused on women’s wear. But you know what? Sometimes it’s okay for us to have something all for ourselves.

Donde Fashion app is a free download on iTunes.