We like to joke about the poor kids who get stuck sitting over at the kids’ table on Thanksgiving when, really, they are all having a blast on their own without having to listen to all the boring grownups talk about boring grownup things. And that’s the spirit behind the super-fun song, Kids’ Table, by Kindiependent which is made up of members of kindie-favorite bands, Recess Monkey, The Harmonica Pocket, and Johnny Bregar.

Starting off slowly, this song hits the gas and doesn’t slow down as it sings about joining family for Thanksgiving. Fast-picking banjo, lively guitar, and drums will get your toes tapping, or feet dancing, in this perfect song for Thursday. Who knows? The kids’ table may become the cool place to be this year.

Download a free copy of Kids’ Table by Kindiependent. Song will begin playing when you click the link so adjust your speakers beforehand. You can also check out the music video for the song on YouTube.