Is there really anyone who’s happy to hear an alarm go off in the morning? Granted, mine is usually a kid yelling for breakfast or siblings fighting, but still. Whether it’s a loud beep or a screaming baby, that’s just no way to wake up. But a sexy man with the accent of my choice? Oh yes. Yes. Yes. YES.

The new Morning Man Alarm Clock app is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. And by funniest I mean brilliant. Just download the free iOS app, set the alarm within the app, and then pick a language (or, in some cases, accent).

A man with a sexy deep voices will caress your ears with a You look lovely or Would you like a coffee?  instead of your regular combo o ring tone and screeching child.

Yes, it’s just as ridiculous and awesome as it sounds.

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The Morning Man Alarm Clock app: Because waking up to a sexy man's voice is never bad

I will say I was a little disappointed to discover that the free version only gets you the French and American dude; you have to pay the $.99 in-app purchase to access the other six plus a random option. Not that there’s anything wrong with a French accent, but why not just make the app $1 and give us all the voices up front? And while you do get different accents (and in some cases different languages) it is the same man’s voice. Which hey, I’m totally a one-man kind of gal so I get it; but it would be fun if they were each a little different. Kind of like what Waze has been doing with their voice options.

Of course hearing a sexy dude purring to you first thing in the morning might just make us all want to stay in bed longer instead of get out. Just keep that in mind.

Download The Morning Man Alarm Clock on iTunes.